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It's been a Minute!

Updated: Jan 3

Where did the time go? Between baseball, the holidays and a business boom there's been no time for writing. But here I am so let's break down what's been going on since we first got started. I'll keep it brief and sassy.

Post Oak had its first Pop Up event at the homestead and sold out in about 2 hours! It was a daunting learning curve but the customers showed up and showed out and I think everyone left happy. I threw together my booth with what I had and could afford and it turned out pretty cute.

Next up was a huge opportunity I could not say no to. I was so honored to be invited and was scared to death to take on something that size so early on in business. The weather was yucky on my baking days and struggles terribly in the kitchen. I didn't know if I was going to make it happen. I pushed through, did the best I could with my bread and woke up three hours later to make the event. The Weatherford Wine & Whiskey Walk was a truly fabulous event. Weather was superb and staff was excellent. After being placed in a not ideal space for vendors they moved me front row to the square and sales tripled immediately. I really hope to be back to that one in 2024!

After surviving my first big Market event I went back to the drawing board to gear up the menu and prepare for something very fun and much more successful than I planned. The Jacksboro Pumpkin Patch was cold and windy but none of that stopped a record breaking crowd attendance. I baked 2 days worth of goods and sold out on the very first day. I was of course thrilled about the triumph and happy customers but a little sad I couldn't load my truck back up and make the drive the next day. I cannot reiterate how magical they make their farm feel and the management staff is on par with Chick-fil-a;) Huge hustle, so friendly and never missed a beat! I will certainly be double what I made I brought in 2023 so I can make both days.

My next Market brought me back to Jacksboro and it's wonderful people! The Chili Fest was like something out of a Hallmark Movie. The people were amazing, staff again were wonderful, music was great and food was good! I cannot say enough about the incredible atmosphere of Jacksboro. I had a near sell out event and loved every moment of it. I highly recommend you putting it on your calendar next year.

With Markets wrapped up I jumped right into the Holiday season. Thanksgiving brought new items, new customers and new stresses. Slowly but surely I'm getting more synchronized in the kitchen and learning my time management. Something new I added was the Sweet Dinner Roll. Massive success with that one that left me in tears making half the time but I got it done! Also a fall favorite was the Pecan Pie Cookies. They are just so darn cute and taste as good as they look.

Thanksgiving left me exhausted but there's no time to feel tired when you're a baker during the holidays. Especially a new one who is still learning to handle everything. I went full speed ahead strait into Christmas. This brought me to Market at Weatherford Christmas on the Square. I had a misfortune with my vehicle and a good friend of mine saved the day and got me there and helped for the day which I definitely needed. We were busy all day long and I had another sold out Market! God what a blessing that is.

I was nervous being on the very backside of the event that things wouldn't go well but, later I would find out things went even better than I could imagine.

I had one more event left left for 2023 and that was in my hometown of Springtown for the Old Fashion Christmas on the Square. It was another cold and windy day but it didn't stop the people from enjoying the magic of Christmas! I had another friend there to help make the day go by a little smoother and sure enough, we sold out! I loved seeing so many of regular customers stop by and say hi. I made a lot of new customers who returned for Christmas orders, yae!

.....and then it was time for Christmas orders! This brings me back to the Weatherford Christmas on the Square Market. One of the employees of the Chamber of Commerce had made a purchase and was so thrilled with her boule that the Chamber actually reached out to me to place a corporate order as a gift to their Executive board and invite me in as Bronze member of the Chamber! Of course I said YES and went right to work. I cannot express how shocked I was to this thrilling news. There will be a whole new blog post coming up regarding the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.

I also had 2 other corporate orders left left my schedule so full I only was able to take a handful of orders from my regular clients. I was a little bummed that I couldn't make it all happen for everyone but there is only one of me and I can only do what I can do. Don't fret though, weekly orders are getting ready to kick back into gear and with this cold weather I know everyone needs bread to go with their soup and crock pot meals!

So that basically wraps it all up. The Garden is also expanding, Ribbon Cutting is Jan9th , new hen house in the works, Barbie Galentines event February 3rd is coming up and we're working towards some other things. I'll try to keep this a little more updated instead of waiting 4 more months. Happy New Year everyone!

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I will certainly visit your store


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Congrats on your success!

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