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Hello Homestead

Let me first introduce myself. My name is Carlie Hayes and I am a single mom trying to learn to live a more organic lifestyle for myself and my growing son. After developing immune disorders and having too much time on my hands during Covid I began my journey to heal myself from the inside out. It started out with a small raised garden bed to now organized chaos.

If this is your vibe give a follow and hang around to learn from my mistakes and

triumphs. It is a continuous learning curve that is sometimes overwhelming in a world of fast food, preservatives and chemicals. Those quick fixes often lead to more long term issues that may not show up for years.

Aside from the physically better healthy lifestyle I try to achieve it is also typically mentally and spiritually very rewarding. Going back to living and eating the way our bodies were meant to brings a real sense of your place on earth and the balance we help create.

I hope you enjoy the coming posts I have planned. Some will be from past projects, current projects, recipes, animal care, gardening, food preservation and more. Living a more sustainable balanced life only can lead to a healthier body and mind. Stay tuned for the first of many blog posts to help you learn with me.

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Jan 11

I hope to try all your goodies soon. Everything looks delicious and I love that you use fresh home grown ingredients! Prayers for great success! Vicki McDowell


Jan 07
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I love your sharing your ups and downs! I wished I even had a clue where to start but hoping I can follow along and try a garden myself!!


Jan 07

This is very inspiring. Look forward to seeing more about your projects and recipes.

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