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Post Oak Homestead

Welcome to Post Oak Homestead! We are a hobby homestead learning to grow and preserve food to live a more natural and healthy lifestyle. Follow us to stay updated on our journey and learn with us.


Our family calls Texas our home and like most we are proud to say that. In our area we have an abundance of wildlife, fertile soil and native plants to utilize into our lifestyle. We all have our daily chores to help on our tiny farm when we are not busy with travel ball. My son seems to have enjoyed this journey as well and it makes all the more special and exciting.   

Stay Updated

Join our community and learn with us. We'll be sharing our experiences, techniques, and mistakes as we learn to grow and preserve our own food.

Meet the Critters

We have a small variety of pets and livestock. My son's Silkies are the most fun of the critters who call Post Oak home. Brownie is our Rooster, he's not as tough as he thinks he is. We have his mate named Caramel and our two newest additions Marshmallow and Sugar. We also have 6 full sized hens that we consider livestock and do not name. We do allow these hens to free range to help increase their mood and egg production. Our little flock has been a lot of fun and brings a smile everyday.

We also have our little shorty Jack Russel. Rocky wears many feathers in his hat. He is our ratter, gopher getter, guardian and jester. Our cat is simply called Kitty. Our cats have always been mostly feral so we also try not to get to attached to them as they are in their element mousing and stalking most of the time. Lastly we have my mare Sprite. She's an off the track Thoroughbred who is supposed to be my barrel horse. However lately she mostly been a lawn mower and friend. 

Who We Are
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